Public Education Information Management System

  • Members of the PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System) 工作人员 are responsible for the extraction, 学生的分析和报告, 工作人员, budget and previous year financial data in a timely and a accurate manner in accordance with annual guidelines provided by the Texas Education Agency. The department also provided guidance and support to school and central office administrators in daily quality assurance activities related to the reported data. PEIMS 工作人员 also receives and responds to TEA Limited Scope Audits and Performance Based Monitoring Interventions.


    地址:  9400 N. 中央高速公路, Suite 1100, 达拉斯,TX 75231
    传真: (972) 794-3546
    邮箱: 44

    Traci Pesina经理
    电话: (972) 925-6462

    电话: (972) 925-6439

    电话: (972) 925-6493

    电话: (972) 925-5752

    莫妮卡Valenzuela, Data Technician IV- Unique ID/Duplicate IDs
    电话: (972) 925-6456

    佩雷斯Rayna门德斯, Data Technician IV- State IDs, TEAL access, ET, askTED
    电话: (972) 925-6449